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Team-in-Touch is designed to simplify many tasks of a coach regarding communicating with their team. To get a better understanding of what Team-in-Touch can do, please have a look at our documentation.

Manual Coach

Manual Admin

We are working on a new, updated online manual.

A small selection of what Team-in-Touch can do:

  • Facebook/Twitter/Clubsite integration
  • Teamchat
  • Polls - e.g. to check match participation
  • Live match scoring
  • Messages distributed to the users app and email (can be disabled by the users)
  • Place your own sponsors on a prime location in the app and website
  • Automatic import of match information and changes
  • Call your team members directly from within the app
  • Make documents available for your club or team
  • Free app download for your users
  • Encrypted communication between all systems with user right restrictions
  • You stay owner off all communication and data provided to the system


Team-in-Touch is available in two variants: Silver & Gold. You can always change between packages without loss of information.

Do you want to make use of all possibilities Team-in-Touch has to offer? Please email us at

  Silver Gold
Android & iOS App    
Clubsite / Facebook / Twitter integration    
Unlimited number of teams & users    
Unlimited number of messages    
Attachment support    
Unlimited number of polls    
Unlimited number of matches & locations    
Free from advertisements    
Sponsor module for your own sponsors    
Automatic import of matches and results(1)    
Personalize app with your own club colors    
24h response-time email support    
Own app in the App store / Google play(2)    
On-site kickoff training    
Telephone callback support    
Price / year (ex. local VAT) Free € 249
No rights can be derived from this document.
(1) Depending on support from your local association. Coaches receive an email notification when the association announces a new match or changes the location/time of a match. Contact Team-in-Touch for information if your association is supported.
(2) Your club name and logo appear in the App store / Google play. Your users have your clublogo as an icon on their device.