Welcome to the Team-in-touch manual documentation. This documentation is updated constantly in line with updates to the Team-in-Touch application. Please do contact us in case of missing or unclear information.

Team-in-Touch is available for web browsers at and Android/iOS devices.

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The concept

The main purpose of Team-in-Touch is to support board members and coaches of sport clubs in their need to communicate with anybody within- or outside of the club. Additional tools were added to support frequent recurring tasks.

Key aspect is to provide each type of user with the possibilities belonging to his/her role in the club. To realize this we differentiated between four type of users, each with their own possibilities and access rights:

  • Administrators
    • send messages to all club members and/or supporters

    • maintain club information and sponsor messages

    • create teams and assign coaches

  • Coaches
    • send messages and polls to members of their team

    • view the results of their polls

    • communicate with other coaches

    • create and maintain matches including scoring

    • accept new members to their team

  • Team members
    • read messages send to their own team and messages intended to all members and supporters

    • answer polls from their coach

    • maintain their own personal preferences and information (email, telephone etc)

    • participate in the team-chat of their own team

  • Supporters
    • using the Guest login credentials

    • see all matches and rankings

    • read messages sent to everybody by the administrator.

User rights

Every user of Team-in-touch has an own account with password and all accessible information is limited to the information associated with the user. This way, messages, team chat and polls remain confidential within a team and are not visible for outsiders.